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Enjoy blackjack on the lives score platform and win fabulous rewards

The ultimate aim of any gambler is to win as many games as possible on the Live score platform. Every hour new players from around the world join to play Blackjack game which is quite popular among the high rollers and the amateurs. There is no magic formula to win the bets but you can try few techniques that may increase the winning ratio:

Avoid splitting of 10s:

Blackjack is a card game wherein you have to get the score of 21 before the dealer. If the player has already got two cards with 10 score each, the winning probability automatically increases. Therefore, do not try to split even if you have got two scores of 10s.

Splitting the 8s:

Even if the computer has an ace, do not get scared but split the card into 8s. According to experts, both of them for 16 number which is an undesirable hand in the blackjack. Once the two 8s are split, the opportunity of winning hand increases and the player can also save money from certain losses. In cases, you may lose one hand but the other hand might win as a hedge against the losses. It will turn into a zero-sum game for the gamblers as the net loss or profit would be zero.

Splitting two 5s is a foolhardy decision:

Do not spilt two 5s but ask for a double down to achieve the magical score of 20. In the case of a split, you will be left with two bad hands and back to back losses.

Double down can only be invoked if you have a card with 10 scores. It can be asked irrespective of the ace shown by the dealer. In addition, the player can ask for the same or she has a card with 9 scores and the computer shows the number between 2 and 8.

Displaying the hard hands:

The strategy can be applied in cases when you have a hand with 17 or more numbers. In such a situation, the probability of achieving the 21 score is quite high for the players.

You can also display hard hand when you have cards from 12 to 16 while the dealer is stuck in the range of 2 to 6. Splitting aces will leave you with a score of 11whihc is regarded as a favorable hand in the Blackjack game.

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