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Understanding Lines and Bets in Slots Games

If you've never really played slots in the past, it can seem a bit confusing at first. Odds are you probably understand the basics and know that in order to win you need to line up matching symbols - however what you may not understand is how the betting works and what it means to bet on multiple 'lines'.

The first thing that you need to understand is that every game of slots allows you to bet in amounts that are known as denominations. As such in a game with a $1 denomination, each 4 coin bet would be valued at $4 - whereas in a game with a $0.25 denomination, a 4 coin bet would be worth $1.

The reason why you would want to play more than one coin is that it has a multiplier effect, and very often has bonus multipliers at the maximum bet. For example if a certain combination in Ultimate Slots normally pays out 2:1 when betting 1 coin, when betting 2 coins it may have a 2x multiplier and the payout would be 4:2. Similarly a 3 coin bet with a 3x multiplier may be 6:3 in payout, but a maximum 4 coin bet might jump to a 5x multiplier (i.e. a bonus multiplier) with 10:4 payout - which is far greater value.

In short games of slots tend to encourage playing with maximum coins - which is especially true of progressive slots with large jackpots. Generally for those games not is there a bonus multiplier for playing maximum coins, but you also need to play the maximum in order to be eligible for the jackpot.

All in all one thing should be clear: It helps to play the maximum coin bet. However when it comes to 'lines' that isn't exactly true. Essentially 'lines' will let you make combinations of symbols on other 'lines' on the slot machine, as opposed to simply the horizontal middle line. Although that may sound attractive, it doesn't change your odds at all and is rarely ever a prerequisite for the jackpot on games such as Highway Kings.

Because of that as far as 'lines' go you can choose whether to play additional lines or not as you see fit. Keep in mind that every additional 'line' you play will involve increasing your bet - and it works out the equivalent of simply playing a single line but spinning the reels one extra time.

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